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Whether you know my writing through my Doors Examiner articles, reviews, short stories, novels or you've just run across the site on the internet I hope you'll find something to enjoy!
You may have noticed that a lot of my books are rock and roll themed (but not all) and the tagline "writing under the influence of Rock and Roll!" What I'm hoping to achieve is to infuse the spirit of rock and roll into my writing.
Take a look around if you want to know more about me check out the Bio section, read some reviews of my books. If you want to keep up with projects I'm involved with follow me over on the blog, and if there's not anything too new I'll throw in some reviews, maybe just some books I'm reading, writing tips or anything that may be rolling around in my head. If you would like to know more about me look to the pages of my books and you'll find me in between the lines.
The Doors Examined
"The Doors Examined is an astonishingly insightful page-turner. Jim Cherry deconstructs the story of The Doors, examining all facets from every single angle, exploring their history and contextualizing their achievements. He not  only takes readers back to the 60's to understand the world in which they were created, but also brings us up to the present day, showing their ongoing reverberations four decades after Jim Morrison checked out. This is a must read for hardcores and newbies alike; maybe even for the doubters of a band that still compels people to choose sides." Robert Rodriquez - author of "Fab Four FAQ 2.0" and "Revolver: How The Beatle's Reimagined Rock 'n' Roll"
The Last Stage
"Novelist Jim Cherry gets high marks for clarity--it's immediately obvious that his "The Last Stage" aims for the transformative Dionysian magic embodied by Doors lead singer Jim Morrison." Levi Asher, Editor, litkicks.com
The Captured Dead
"For a short story such as this, which can be read in one sitting, Jim Cherry manages to pack a lot of stuff in. Set in Comancheria, 1874, this novelette blends fact and fiction in a masterful way, where you’ll find: the tortures of the soldier’s human psyche, the atrocious attempted annihilation of the Native Indian, realities of the Civil War, concepts of mysticism and questions about insanity. You’ll also find a damn good little ghost story. " Harry Whitewolf, author, The Road to Purification.


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